My secret mission is to be your Chief Warrior of Enthusiasm and inspire YOU.

By day, I am SVP of Marketing at Block Imaging, a B2B utilizing the power of social media, content marketing, business blogging and the unique gifts of every single employee to drive sales and extend a second chance at life for more people worldwide.

This is my personal blog. It is focused on helping you transform your business by unleashing the brilliance of an inspired team accomplishing something that matters.

Be a warrior of enthusiasm. Believe in making a difference. Build a social business culture. Brace yourself for amazing results.

You are more influential than you think and you don’t need a title to make a significant impact in your workplace.

If you feel it is your responsibility, mission and aspiration to:

  1. make your company a better place
  2. grow personally and professionally
  3. be a more effective leader
  4. make a difference in the lives of others

… then this blog is for you.

About Block Imaging’s Social Business Transformation

 My Story

  • Lived most of my life in North Texas
  • Graduated from Texas A&M in 2001
  • Got married and moved to Michigan in 2002
  • Interviewed to be a receptionist at Block Imaging in 2003… I did NOT get the job
  • 6 months later, finally landed a different job at Block Imaging as administrative assistant
  • Must have done something right because I was later given a blank sheet of paper to propose my dream job description… thus began my love affair with the world of MARKETING
  • Eventually moved back to Texas and Block Imaging let me continue my job working from home office
  • I now have 3 little miracles: Belle (3),  Bo (1.5) and Byrdie (newborn!)
  • September 2011 marked the beginning of Block Imaging’s new culture of content marketing and social business transformation
  • Because of wild success with content marketing and utilizing the gifts of an entire team to drive significant results in less than 1 year’s time, I want to help inspire other people and companies achieve the same awesomeness… hence the “WHY” behind starting this personal blog

This blog is really about inspiring you. So I hope you enjoy and learn valuable ways of making a big impact in your own workplace. Let me know what you find to be most helpful here so that I can continue to assist you along in the journey. Who knows… maybe one day I’ll be telling your amazing story!