Make All In Content Marketing Your New Business Culture

Speaking of social business transformation, here’s an example of how one company went “all in” creating a new business culture of content marketing.

culture of content marketing

Organic search traffic – the power of “all in” content marketing as a new business culture

What Does “All In” Content Marketing Even Mean?

It means a single, unified, clear vision of how your entire team (yes, every single person) can participate in growing the company via content marketing. Everyone contributes. Every… single… one.

Think about it. Every one of your employees ALREADY represents your brand in every interaction with customers, vendors, friends and the community. Why not give them ALL a better platform and make a bigger impact?

together we can do so much


How Do You Inspire a New Business Culture of “All In” Content Marketing in Your Own Workplace?

First and foremost, you need buy-in from the top. Your entire leadership team needs to help communicate the vision with clarity as well as lead by example. They need to participate and continually reinforce the vision.

Then, the best way to make such a significant pivot across your entire business culture is to organize a big, exciting event launching this new vision company-wide.

The company example above had a full 2-day retreat for their big launch (but instead of calling it a retreat, they actually dubbed it the “reTweet”!).  Other companies have accomplished a similar launch with a 1-day summit or training course conducted in-house. But whether it is 1 day or 2 days, off-site or on-site, the two most important decisions you’ll make about your big launch are:

  1. Who will teach your team?
  2. Who will carry the momentum going forward?

Then all of the rest of the questions like these become much easier to address:

  • What exactly does the team need to be taught?
  • What do you expect the end result to look like?
  • How do you want everyone to start participating?
  • How you are going to make this transition safe, easy and accessible for all?
  • How much fun will be if you succeed?
  • When does everyone get started?

So, to answer your two most important “WHO” questions, you need to identify… #1 crazy-awesome speaker and #2 designated Content Officer.

Your crazy-awesome content marketing speaker will help your team “get it” and understand WHY the company is moving in this new direction. They will also inspire everyone to believe in the wonderful possibilities if everyone really does go “all in”.

crazy awesome content marketing speaker in action

Crazy-awesome content marketing speaker in action: Marcus Sheridan

Your Chief Content Officer will help everyone understand how to start participating and take on the responsibility of making it “easy” to participate (interpret: less scary and more effective).

Workshops throughout your big launch are imperative. You need the team to start putting their ideas into practice immediately. You need FUN workshops to help the team start building off of one another’s ideas and enjoy this monumental transition. You all need to “fail forward” together starting out and this is much safer in the context of experimenting as a team. You should also utilize these workshops to get the team talking about and imagining how their day-to-day activities will be different when all is said and done.

Define the process going forward. Lay out how everyone should proceed when they return to their desks, workstations and super long to-do lists. How should they submit content (blogs, photos, video files, presentations, etc.)? How often? What about rough drafts versus final drafts? Whom do they need to run information by first for approval? Again, this is where having an awesome content officer makes a world of difference.

If there is one thing that I cannot stress enough, make it fun! Change is scary for most people… Especially a big change like this one. Making an intentional and abrupt pivot in your company culture might sound crazy but it is also an incredibly rewarding effort. There is magic in keeping it a fun and creative team effort.

Brace yourself for amazing results. The potential of a unified team all striving toward the same, clearly defined vision is huge. It is a pretty fantastic experience that I hope more people and companies get to experience. The results are awesome, yes… and so is the journey.

You Can Make It Happen Too

So what’s holding you back? What are the biggest hurdles you’re facing in trying to create a social business culture of content marketing?


  1. Dang. Double Dang actually. :-)

    I don’t know the last time I was so proud and fired up at the same time. Go KK!!!!


    • kristakotrla says:

      A “double dang” from Marcus?!?… doesn’t get much better than that!

      Seriously, thank you so much for your support and encouragement. Means the world to me good buddy.

      Looking forward to seeing twitter explode with all the @TheSalesLion comments tomorrow during your #CMworld keynote! Wish I was there!


  2. Great stuff, Krista. Companies curious about inbound marketing and content creation often don’t get off the dime because where time and staff intersect, particularly if the company culture is as stiff as raccoon roadkill. Would love to see a post of what elements you used to persuade upper management to go that direction.

    • kristakotrla says:

      Thanks for commenting, Bob! Your question is one I am hearing a lot lately so it was actually inspiration for my very first post here… How to Pitch Content Marketing to Your Leadership Team. Our company culture is FAR from “stiff as a raccoon” status plus I had some wonderful advocates within upper management. The “pitch” was certainly a pivotal moment but many attempts at getting buy-in had been happening for months. I’m sure this will continue to be a topic hashed out in many future posts. Stay tuned!



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