10 Benefits of Content Marketing Business Culture

Content Marketing Business Culture BenefitsThere are a number of companies out there are already doing the content marketing thang. They’ve got a blog and some videos. They’ve got a marketing manager or agency developing content. Heck, they may even have a team of content marketers.

But then there’s a few crazy companies. Super crazy.

These crazy companies actually involve every single person in their business to create content.

And they have made content marketing their new business culture.

Not only is this strategy bringing about significant results in launching a successful business blog, it is transforming how people on these teams think, sell, interact and work together. The results I’ve seen (as well as experienced) are so inspiring they must be shared. So here they are…

Business Culture Benefits of “All In” Content Marketing

Culture of Collaboration

Embracing a new culture of content marketing breaks down the silos and accelerates the speed of play. This is huge.

When everyone is contributing content, all of sudden Sales is collaborating with Engineering on a blog and Project Management is partnering with Quality Assurance on a video. Everyone shares a piece of their expertise and the content gets better.

Culture of Learning

As teams begin collaborating and sharing information, the environment evolves into a culture of learning. Not only are team members learning from one another, they are also researching and seeking input from other experts to make sure the content they create is accurate. The greatest way to learn something is to teach it, right?

Culture of Listening

Knowing what to write about and teach means being a great listener first. The crazy companies doing this right have a whole army of listeners. Now everyone is creating killer-content ideas based on great listening skills.

listening is understanding why

Culture of Communicating

Taking advantage of great listening skills and converting it into valuable content means being a great communicator. The people in these companies continually hone their communication skills over and over the more content they create.

Culture of Continual Improvement

Because of the speed of play that comes with a culture of collaborating, learning, teaching, listening and communicating, the environment breeds a mentality of continual improvement.

Culture of Employee Ownership

In companies where everyone has a voice and a powerful way to contribute to the bottom line (content that leads to sales), employees experience a boost in morale and take emotional ownership in the company’s success.

Culture of Creativity

Challenging every employee to create content means tapping into their inner artist.  Some will embrace it more than others but I assure you, quiet and brilliant artists will emerge out of nowhere. Did you hear the one about the service manager who became a rock star content officer? Remind me to tell you sometime.

Culture of Optimism and Hard Work

It is amazing what happens when an organization has a clear goal, clarity about what it takes to get there and actually communicates that message to its employees. It’s called MOTIVATION.

Culture of Results

If you want to keep a whole company of people inspired to create content you’re going to need some serious results. When everyone is participating, everyone is also going to need a lot of feedback about what’s working and what’s not. How is all of their effort paying off? Show them. Then show them how to do it even better.

Culture of Growth

It’s all about growth. Growing your business. Growing future opportunities. Growing your team. Growing relationships. Growing your network. Growing personally. Growing professionally. Growing collectively. You get the idea.

So What’s Holding You Back?

You’ve read this far for a reason. I’m taking that as a sign you are considering a culture of content as a possibility. So now I’m asking you to share… what is it holding you back? Are you brave enough to share your hurdle in the comments below? Or if  you’d rather not share publicly, please let me know via email so that I can help.

Be a warrior of enthusiasm. Let’s make it happen.


  1. Krista!

    Love this post. Corporate culture is such a powerful thing and you have some great reasons for it listed here.

    • kristakotrla says:

      Thanks Rob! By the way, I LOVE that you start your comments and tweets to me with an exclamation point straight off, “krista!”… Grabs my attention with enthusiasm every time :-)

  2. Krista, this is great!
    It’s been my intention to be a catalyst of content culture in the organization I work in. I think I’m starting to wear them down.
    This post gives me the arsenal of benefits I need to make a huge impact in my efforts.

    • kristakotrla says:

      That’s so awesome to hear, Chad! Out of curiosity, what’s the biggest hurdle in getting more of your team to buy-in? Wondering if I can help address it specifically in a future post…


      • Hey, Krista! The vision is there, but it seems to be that pulling the trigger is always off on the horizon.
        In a recent talk, I was able to generate more excitement, using several points from this post, but I think there are a lot of questions as to the impact it could have on an educational organization.
        Personally, I believe education is right where we need it most. If we don’t get in front of this movement, the knowledge gap between students and teachers will continue to grow.

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  4. The Business benefits to content marketing are easy to define and the roi is there. The hard part is finding an extra 10 hours a week to execute a good DiY Content Marketing plan

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