Best Conference Event Idea Ever

Anyone in need of the best conference event idea EVER, look no further! Believe me, if you’re looking for your next corporate party event to be:

  • brilliantly strategic
  • remarkably memorable
  • drawing people in and capturing attention
  • entertaining and delighting for hours
  • facilitating vendors and attendees engaging with one another
  • having a hilariously great time
  • taking home memories of delight forever

Then you need to meet Krandel.

Who is Krandel?

Krandel the Original Butt Sketch Artist

The Original Butt Sketch Artist

He is the man behind the magic and he is responsible for making all of the above happen at our best conference event ever.

Oh, and he is a butt sketch artist.

Yes, you read that right. Butt sketch artist. Oh, but he is not just any butt sketch artist… he’s the ORIGINAL Butt Sketch Artist.

I kid you not. And while that might sound like the furthest thing from corporate-appropriate or suitable-for-business-professionals… I assure you it is perfectly appropriate and better than that, it’s stinkin’ brilliant.

Why is it a Brilliant Idea?

I work for a medical imaging equipment company. A VERY conservative company in a VERY serious industry. And we needed a way to make our vendor hospitality suite stand out amongst the competition at a radiology and imaging conference. Even mentioning the name “Butt Sketch Artist” brought audible gasps of shock and nervous giggles from the team when I brought up the idea. But I ASSured everyone it would be clASSy (sorry, couldn’t help it)… and it turned out to be magic.

Krandel is the guy that makes that happen.

Seriously, his sketches are a work of art… really a sketch of the entire back profile… and Krandel makes everyone look awesome! And with a name like “Butt Sketch Artist” how on earth can people NOT check it out?… I mean, really.

Krandel Sketching

Awesome sketches… not sketchy

Our hospitality suite was one of about six at the conference so all vendors were competing for attendee attention and time. As it turned out, attendees were lined up for hours in our crowded room to get sketched (thus allowing our sales team lots of time to engage and establish new relationships). Even those people who didn’t want to be sketched were happily parked in our room for hours to watch it all happen and engage in the fun. We also had to keep our hospitality suite open an extra hour and half because the crowd was having such a great time and people were still waiting in line for their own personalized work of art.

More Greatness:

  • Everyone leaves with their own personal work of art (In hindsight, I wish we had added our logo or website to every sketch. I’m sure Krandel would accommodate that if you asked)
  • Everyone carries their sketch around to all the other competing hospitality suites, showing off their picture and directing more attendees your way
  • Krandel really is a classy guy. The sketches make EVERYONE look great. People love interacting with him. Attendees will be hugging him and it really is a super fun experience for all.

Bonus Idea

Put someone in charge of taking a ton of pictures during the event. Then compile all of the images into a slideshow or video, embed it into a blog and email out the link to everyone who visits you during the event. You will get a ton of views and people will also have fun forwarding it around to their friends.

So, there you go. Best conference event idea ever.

Your Turn

What has been the best conference event you’ve ever experienced? Why was it the best?

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