The Biggest Content Marketing Mistake I Ever Made

Not starting sooner. And to be specific, not involving our entire company in content marketing sooner was my biggest mistake.

Seriously. When I stop and think about how much has changed for the business I am part of, it pains me that I didn’t act earlier.

Happy One Year Anniversary

You see, today marks the one year anniversary of our company going “all in” with content marketing and making it our new corporate culture. One year ago we launched a very strategic shift; a sharp pivot in the way we share information, educate and communicate with our industry.

You know that moment when you are super excited about something… like you’re on the cusp of something crazy-awesome and yet the possibility of vomiting any second is also very real too?!? That was me one year ago.

Me introducing Marcus Sheriday

Believe me… this is the “good” picture

But silly me, I wasn’t in this alone. I had a Lion by my side.

Lion by my side

Marcus Sheridan aka “The Sales Lion”

Over the course of the next 48 hours, the entire company went through a social business transformation to launch a new culture of content marketing.

Sales, Engineering, Service, Compliance, Admin, Accounting… “All In”

Then fast forward to today. It has been a monumental year for our small business in many ways and I hope more companies get to experience a similar journey. That’s why I started this blog.

The Perfect Gift

So I’ve been contemplating all week which moment would make for the perfect story to celebrate this one year anniversary AND hopefully inspire anyone trying to figure out how to make this happen in their own company too (that would be YOU ;-)). Then *bam* the perfect email pops up in my inbox. It is a note from one of our top sales people and it pretty much sums up what all this content marketing effort is about >>


Had a refreshing and revolutionary experience yesterday. It was like Marcus wrote it in a script of how it is supposed to happen. Lead comes in from someone in New Zealand. I follow up with one email then he calls me. He’s been working with someone he didn’t trust, went to google then downloaded and read our entire buyers guide, educated himself. He already was convinced I was the expert and he wanted to work with me by the time I picked up the phone, I didn’t have to sell myself at all. The funnel worked exactly like it is supposed to. With very little effort, we just narrowed down the models that will work for his budget and I will be sending out a quote tomorrow. He has the funds, knows what he needs, knows what refurbished means etc. Unless something crazy happens I expect to have the deal signed early next week. The snowball is cresting the hill – to use Marcus’s analogy.


You’ve probably already heard all of the typical reasons why content marketing rocks, right? Profits are up, sales cycles are shorter, we’ve hired more people (all of which are true)… but to live it and see people’s jobs and lives changed by it… for me personally, that is what makes it magic. It’s about helping people.

People Matter

Call me crazy but I believe the reason our culture of content marketing works so well is because it perfectly aligns with our passion and what we’re about as an organization. We believe people matter.

And after a year of doing this culture of content marketing thing, doing it right means helping a LOT more people:

  • Your employees benefit
  • Your customers benefit
  • Your customers’ customers benefit
  • Your soon-to-be customers will benefit
  • Your families benefit
  • Others might even be inspired by your example

Yes, Mr./Mrs. CEO, don’t you worry… it will help profits too but don’t forget about the very real and long lasting reward of helping people. Here’ s the kicker: with a social business culture of content marketing you now have the opportunity to help SO many more people in a very profitable way. See… magic! :-)

So what are you waiting for? Be the warrior of enthusiasm that sparks a transformation in your own workplace.

Help others. Help LOTS of people and inspire growth.

And maybe next year around this time we’ll BOTH be celebrating very special anniversaries of crazy-awesome business success and improving the lives of many. Deal?


p.s. I’ll be having baby #3 this week so my apologies ahead of time for being slow to respond to comments and tweets. Please accept my many thanks and sincerest appreciation for all of your support!


  1. Ditto Krista. Start content marketing from Day 1 to gain trust and build your brand. Thanks!


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