The Secret to Building Brand Equity: Democratize Your Brand

It’s an aha moment. Finally, a potent way to describe the secret to building brand equity  – brand democratization. It looks a little like this – the intersection of marketing, culture and leadership. Does your brand have people at the heart of the reason it exists? Do you make it possible for all people to understand […]

Why Video Content Marketing is the Next Big Thing

Two years ago a small B2B launched an “all in” content marketing culture. While most people familiar with Block Imaging’s story are aware that they have been a content machine, blogging in a unique B2B niche, most might not be aware that they also decided to fall in love with video. Why? Because they knew video […]

How Dell’s Social Media Strategy Applies to Your Business

Which should you work on first: your social media strategy or your social business culture? While you ponder that for a minute, let’s look at how Dell’s social media strategy applies to your business. Knox Keith recently shared with SMB Dallas insights about Dell’s journey into social media and how social is now embedded into the […]

What Does a Content Marketing Culture Really Look Like?

“Where the heck are the examples?!?” I watched a Google+ hangout this week and while the tips were good and the presenters were clearly speaking from a place of in-depth experience, I wanted examples. Actually, I NEEDED examples. Allow me to make my point. Which of these are you more likely to remember? A statement: […]

Youtility 2.0: A Powerful Example Of Useful Marketing

Do you need a powerful, real life example of Youtility 2.0 that helps you envision the future of marketing for your business? Boy, do I have a story for you! Wait, you don’t know what Youtility is? I’m so glad I get to tell you! “Instead of marketing that’s needed by companies, Youtility is marketing […]

The Underdog Story Of A Social Media Culture Change Agent

Remember my friend who inspired the article, How To Lead An Organizational Culture of Content Marketing? Well, he’s making it happen and below is the exciting update about his story. His name is James Hahn and he has accomplished a LOT in three short months. Underdog Change Agent Update You want to know the best part […]

The New Marketing Strategy: Company Culture

I have a confession to make. You want to know the real reason why I love it when a company boldly goes “all in” with content marketing and social business transformation? Because it means that organization is about to invest in a stronger company culture. If the new sales strategy is building trust and humanizing your […]

How to Humanize Your Brand: 4 Examples

If I were to visit your website today, would I find your business refreshingly human? Would someone looking at your company’s online presence write you a note that said, “I found your new approach to using social media refreshing”? Because someone actually took the time to write me those exact words this week. True Story […]

The New Sales Strategy: Content Marketing

Instead of coming right out and saying that the new sales strategy is content marketing, I’m actually going to say that the new sales strategy is: being present where and when buyers are in buying mode helping educating buyers how to make the best decisions about their purchases being a likable resource of expertise, credibility […]

Utilizing Social Media and Employees in a Content Marketing Culture

Part of our vision for a content marketing culture is equipping all employees to make a bigger impact and giving them a better platform, right? As a result, lots of people on our teams blog, video, take pictures, etc. Everyone is a content creator now. But what about sharing all that content? Are our employees […]