Choose Bravery and Inspire Change

I did not want to write this weekend. The tragedy on Friday sent me on an emotional roller coaster that I’m sure any counselor would have a heyday dissecting. And I’ve seen enough of your posts on twitter and facebook to know that I’m not alone.

The past 3 days have been a gamut of emotions. We’ve experienced disbelief, grief, horror, fear, as well as an overwhelming sense of thankfulness as we tucked our little ones into their beds. If you’re like me, you’ve also been blindsided by a collision of sorrow and gratitude all in one unexpected moment and had to choke back tears so that your children wouldn’t see you crying… over pizza… during their birthday party… while wearing a shark hat (no? just me?).

Friday will never make sense.

Truth be told, I  let it send me to a very dark place. I was emotionally shutting down this weekend because it hurt too much to put feelings into words and fear was getting the best of me.

Then today I realized, NO. Evil, you do not win.

Instead of succumbing to fear and withdrawing, this was a time for bravery.

If my calling in life is to inspire change and see lives transformed for the better then how on earth could I let the events of Friday shut me down? If anything it should make me double my resolve.

Choose Bravery and Inspire Change

This my prayer and my calling. The events of Friday don’t change that… they make it all the more necessary and important. And I hope they do the same for you too.



  1. Many of us, especially those who want to inspire change, need to hear this today as we prepare to drop our children off at school and begin another week.
    The weekend was not long enough to push past the thoughts of entrusting our children to the world again. Nevertheless, wanting to model bravery and inspiration, we must show a broken and often cruel world that our fight has a greater purpose than any evil can overshadow.
    Thank you, Krista!

    • kristakotrla says:

      Thank YOU, Chad for your wonderful comment. So true what you said about wanting to model bravery and inspiration. I realized that as much as I wanted to build a huge wall around our home and never let my kids into the outside world, I didn’t want to teach them that living in fear was okay. I will do everything I can to bring them up “shrewd as serpents and innocent as doves”… and to live bravely with great purpose. I have a feeling that’s the kind of parent you are too. :-)


  2. Josh Block says:

    Great word KK and powerful way to start a new day and week. As I read your post, reflect on the events of Friday and engaged others throughout the weekend, the following quote resonates so deeply:

    Darkness cannot drive out darkness;
    only light can do that.
    Hate cannot drive out hate;
    only love can do that.

    Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
    Strength To Love, 1963

    May we match a world filled with hate and hurt with light and love.

    Peace to you my sister.


    • kristakotrla says:

      Wonderful quote, Josh. “Light and Love” sound just like you. Thanks for brightening my day and always for your words of encouragement. It’s an honor being your “sis” and learning from your example every day.


  3. Hey Krista,

    Tragic situations like what we have all experienced this past week require time for grieving and reflection. However, I do agree with Chad. This is the message we need to hear today. But it’s important to remember these tragedies can also inspire positive change. Change requires a shift in thinking and a new perspective.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings. Understanding we are all connected, voicing opinions and discussing our thoughts helps to create light and is exactly the momentum we need to inspire change.

    Thanks again!

  4. kristakotrla says:

    Yes, inspiring positive change is exactly right, Geoff. So much easier said then done but worth every ounce of effort. Inspiring change vs. mandating it will always have the greatest impact.


  5. Such a wonderful post Krista. As you so eloquently state, bravery is about taking action in spite of fear and sadness. So many of us had similar feelings this weekend (minus the shark hat of course ;-). I kept looking at my kiddos (10, 7 and 5 yo) and thinking about those parents in Newtown who would never again be able to hold, hug and love on their little ones. It got me very sad and very mad.

    This post reminds me we have a powerful choice to make. Stay stuck in those negative and dark feelings or face them and act to make the world a better place through all we do. Thank you for that reminder Krista and reminding me there a lots of like-minded and hearted people like you working to make a wonderful, positive difference. It helps strengthen my faith and resolve. Thank you for that.

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