The New Content Creator in 2013

Want to hear a pretty cool secret? If you’re looking to grow your business’ content marketing impact in 2013 and searching for the best new content creator… you’re not going to believe it. The best new content creator is YOU.

Best Content Creator

You are!

It is actually YOU and every single employee in your company.

The reality is everyone is a content creator.

Don’t believe me?

You Might Be a Content Creator if…

Here’s a truth bomb for you –  You are already a content creator if:

  • You write emails
  • You talk on the phone
  • You answer questions
  • You have an opinion
  • You take pictures
  • You film video
  • You solve problems
  • You tell stories
  • You doodle

You are a content creator!

That’s right, YOU (and all of the employees around you) are already a content machine.

New Perspective on Content Creators

Since sharing the story of our medical device company’s “all in” content marketing culture and talking about the benefits of utilizing every employee as content creators, I received the following question that inspired this post.

How did you turn a bunch of non-content creators into creators?
~Rob Skidmore

Totally valid question but to be honest, I see it differently.

I didn’t turn non-content creators into creators at all. I simply helped a bunch of content creators utilize a more effective platform.

Content Creators

Everyone on the team is a content creator

The REAL Question To Ask

By simply tweaking your perspective, you won’t be asking yourself how to turn non-content creators into creators. The REAL question you should be asking is,

How do you harness all the content you and your employees already create and utilize it to make a bigger impact?

The truth is, you and everyone on your team already create content. You and your team have numerous talents that could make a bigger difference given a better platform. YOU are the new content creator.

So whether that sounds scary or totally energizing, get excited! You can make a bigger difference.

You are more influential than you think. You just need a better platform.

Are You Game?

So ultimately, if you’re a business looking for ways to grow by creating more content, start with you and all your employees. The BEST content comes from within. You know your business, products, services and customers better than anyone. You already create tons of content every day. You just need to start utilizing it in a new way such as business blogging.

Don’t feel like you have enough time or technical knowledge to handle it all yourself? No problem. Easy Biz Blogging is the perfect solution for someone like you if you need help cranking out content, in your own voice but never want to touch a single key.

Curious to learn more about attracting quality customers and growing your businesses with content? Join me online at the Content Success Summit coming up next month. Twenty-two experts will reveal their best content creation tips and share examples of content that increases sales.  The conference sessions are all online so you can enjoy them from the comfort of your own home (or desk or favorite coffee shop or cozy chair).

If you’re ready to get rockin’ right away boldly creating your own content so you can grow your business but you need examples and ideas for reference, check out these:

Whatcha Think?

Are you ready to see yourself as the new content creator of the future?

Ready, set, grow!

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