What Does a Content Marketing Culture Really Look Like?

“Where the heck are the examples?!?” I watched a Google+ hangout this week and while the tips were good and the presenters were clearly speaking from a place of in-depth experience, I wanted examples. Actually, I NEEDED examples.

Allow me to make my point. Which of these are you more likely to remember?

  • A statement: Grammar is important.
  • Or an example: Grammar is the difference between feeling you’re nuts and feeling your nuts.

I think I’ve made my point, right?

And then I realized, WHOA, Krista, you’re potentially doing the same thing. You’re writing about how to lead an inbound and content marketing culture but you’re not sharing enough examples. Give the people examples!

True Stories From An “All In” Content Marketing Culture

So here we go. 12 mini-examples from inside a real content marketing culture. 

1.  The company President walks through the warehouse and asks one of the inventory managers about two products. After walking away… he stops dead in his tracks because he suddenly remembers “Question = Content“. So he turns back around, returns to the inventory manager and asks him to answer that same question in a video. Voila!

2. A service representative is helping a customer troubleshoot an issue. While walking the customer through the process, he is also jotting down the bullet points so that the whole process can be turned into a blog post.

marketing culture example blog

As you answer a question, jot down the bullet points for a blog post.

3. A prominent industry publication is asking to interview one of your product experts for an upcoming article. Your colleague responds with the idea, “Why not video our responses so we can share the content ourselves too?” Good point. Why not?

4.  Company leadership is willing to boldly address topics that the rest of the industry won’t like price, defining ambiguous terminology and calling out misleading tactics.

5.  It’s 9 o’clock at night and you receive an email from the brand new sales guy that you haven’t even met. His message reads, “Hey, Chris said I should write a blog so I was wondering if you could send me a few ideas to run with.” A new sales person asking to write a blog post? Game on!

6.  The new intern is so geeked to be part of a business that promotes every employee making an impact on the brand that he’s now shooting a video. The best part… he’s interning for ACCOUNTING.

7.  Someone from sales support calls because they know you’re in the process of redesigning the exhibit display for your biggest trade show of the year and they think it would be great to incorporate a content creation area in the exhibit design: a specific space just for capturing video interviews and pictures with conference attendees.

8.  Your Quality Assurance Manager has produced so much valuable content that she’s now been asked to speak at 3 industry meetings. To make her presentations even more entertaining, she uses Prezi and incorporates funny videos to bring her content to life.

9.  A VP calls, “Hey, I just got wind of a big acquisition. Someone told me to call you. Is that something we could go ahead and talk about on the blog?” Your response, “Hell yes.”

a marketing culture blogs about industry news

Discuss how the acquisition will impact the industry


10.  Walking through the office, you spot something like this posted on the wall.

Epic Blog Competition Scoreboard

An Epic Blogging Battle Scoreboard

11. Later, in front of the entire team, a sales person gives special thanks and recognition to the repair technician who wrote the blog article that helped him close a deal.

12. Two team members return from an industry meeting and between running the exhibit and leading a presentation, they also captured a total of 16 mini-video interviews with conference attendees. Sixteen!

13. A project on the other side of the world just had a major setback and even though everything has been worked out with the customer, the sales person takes the extra time to record a special video message for the client. This personalized message isn’t about clicks. It is about connection.

Yes, the website traffic, inbound leads and shorter sales cycle are nice.

content marketing culture blog results


But it is the other benefits of a content marketing culture that continually builds momentum and sparks real growth in all areas. The truth is, a content marketing culture isn’t all about marketing. It is actually about serving your customers better and finding new ways to make a bigger impact. It just happens to sound a lot like marketing.

So there you go! A few fun stories and examples from inside a content marketing culture.

content marketing superheroes

Everyone is a creator. Everyone has a voice. Everyone makes an impact. Including you. 

Your Turn

What does your culture look like? Is your marketing content inspired by authentic participation from your team and customers? If not, what is one thing you can do to inspire others to participate? If you have your own content culture examples, please share! We would all love hearing more of these stories that continue to bring best practices to life.


  1. Excellent examples, and practical scenarios. As every company is moving in the direction of becoming a media company, they need to orient themselves in content-thinking. :) Thanks for the efforts, Krista!

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