Cool Blog Title Idea

Not only is this the coolest idea ever for generating new blog titles, it… is… EASY.

Thank you, Wil Reynolds, for the RCS live example of how this works. It was by far the biggest forehead-slapping-AHA-moment of DFWSEM’s State of Search Conference.

How to Generate Cool Blog Titles

The concept is so simple it’s brilliant. All you have to use is Google and… wait for it… DO NOT HIT ENTER.

Seriously. You gotta try it out.

1. Go to google
2. Start to enter a product/service/phrase or topic from your field
3. As you type each letter, WAIT… DO NOT HIT ENTER
4. Then watch as google instantly shows a drop down of search results showing you what people are already searching for

BOOM. There’s your blog title.

Cool Blog Title Idea

“DO NOT HIT ENTER”… precisely how I chose the title for this article!

By the way, the title of this post is a result of trying this out for myself. Gotta practice what I preach, right?

Small Business B2B Blog Example

Here’s a real life example for you. My friend Chris Sharrock at Block Imaging sells refurbished c-arms. He also blogs about them. So here’s how this plays out when he tries the “DO NOT HIT ENTER” steps to generate a cool blog title idea.

Chris first starts typing in “c-arm”.

Do Not Hit Enter for Cool Blog Title Ideas

Start typing but do not hit “enter”


From the results, Chris decides that “c-arm machine” is the best phrase for targeting buyers. As he continues to type, he pauses after entering each letter to see even more google instant results.

cool blog title ideas from google instant

Wait for new results after typing each letter


By the time he has typed in “c-arm ma” it is clear that the next blog title should revolve around “c-arm machine price“.

Cool Blog Title Idea Generator

Cool blog title… BOOM.


Why On Earth Do This?

  1. Because you need blog title ideas
  2. Because you need COOL blog title ideas
  3. Because you don’t need another “tool” with a separate login id and password
  4. Because you want something super easy
  5. Because if you’re going to take the time to write a blog, you need to write about what people are already searching
  6. Because you want results
  7. Because you really can be a content marketing superhero

Easy Peasy, Right?

Give it a try and let me know what you think! Did it spark a great blog title idea for you too? Tell me about your “do not hit enter” experience in the comments below. By the way, feel free to give a shout-out to @WilReynolds on twitter thanking him for originally sharing this awesome and super easy tip.

Now go be awesome!


  1. Thanks, Krista! This really does work. I’ve brainstormed tons of popular inquiries that way and turned them into frequently shared blog posts. That data is there because it’s searched for often, and it’s free, so why not use it to our advantage? :)

  2. kristakotrla says:


    Love hearing that it has worked for you. Thanks, Jill!


  3. Wil Reynolds says:

    Look who’s #1 for the title of this blog post!

  4. Wow. How simple and what a fantastic idea. I love it. I am so glad I stumbled onto your blog.
    Thank you….

  5. Thanks for suggestion. I like your idea. thumbs up boss

  6. I love the idea and I keep trying it but I have to tell you I must be brain dead it’s not working
    I do love your blog.

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