C’s the Day: Culture, Content Marketing, Continual Improvement

C's the Day with Culture and Content MarketingGet it? Carpe Diem… Seize the Day… C’s the Day! Cheesy, yes, but a fun play on a common phrase to remind ourselves of all the awesome C-words associated with true social business transformation:

  • Culture
  • Content Marketing
  • Continual Improvement
  • Create
  • Collaborate
  • Customer-centric
  • Care
  • Competition
  • Contribute to a Better Tomorrow
  • Celebrate

In order to achieve all of the above in the best and biggest way imaginable, you first need clarity and clear vision. Social business transformation can seem like a daunting process for an entire organization but not only is it possible, the time to make it happen is NOW.

So, C’s the Day! Be the change-maker in your company and bring these C’s to life!


Fact: every business has a unique culture (for better or for worse). So before you implement a monumental social business transformation in your company, you may want to get your company culture right. Explanation: if your business culture stinks, that stinky-ness will be amplified by unleashing your team on social media streams. If you need to get anything right first, it is focusing on your business culture.

Succeed at this one thing and it will make all the difference in your company’s growth and success… Not just your social business transformation, your overall success.

Need some guidance in this area of leading a team with clarity and an intentional business culture? Check out The Advantage: Why Organizational Health Trumps Everything Else in Business by Patrick Lencioni.

Content Marketing

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, one of the most awesome ways to grow a business right now is by inspiring a culture of content marketing and social business transformation. The company I work for is living proof of that and we’re a refurbished imaging equipment company for cryin’ out loud. There are companies in other random industries capitalizing on the same ideas and they sell fiberglass pools, basement waterproofing and insurance. With those examples as your inspiration, your company can (and should) be pursuing the same thing.

So just how do you inspire a new business culture of “all in” content marketing in your own workplace? Read this article >> Make “all in” content marketing your new business culture.

Continual Improvement

You want to cultivate and nurture growth in your organization? Start by investing in your team and empowering them to make a bigger impact. Encourage continual improvement through personal development programs, lunch-and-learn sessions, mentoring, studying books as a team, touring and learning from a company in a completely different industry. Set the tone in your culture of always looking for ways to get better.

By the way, this does not mean always being perfect. On the contrary, it means being brave about constantly getting better together… which also means embracing the concept of failing forward together quickly.


Don’t let all that continual improvement go to waste… time to create! Utilize the power of many and crowdsource ideas, content and collaboration from your team. Get customer-centric. Consider your customers’ perspectives and create new ways of serving them. Cultivate relationships. Encourage everyone on the team to create. Don’t just consume. Contribute.

The world is simply moving too fast to not utilize the strengths of all the people on your team.

Contribute to a Better Tomorrow

Know why you exist. Dig deep to find purpose and meaning in your work. Make it more than a job… make it a mission. Then unleash the brilliance of an inspired team accomplishing something that matters.


Gosh darn it, you gotta have fun! Make a big deal of small wins and enjoy the journey. Celebrate as a team. Utilize this time to give feedback on what’s working and what’s being accomplished together. Publicly recognize team members who are living out your culture, creating and contributing in a big way. Give cheesy awards. Have a sense of humor and create joy in your organization.

Your emotions are contagious. Be intentional about celebrating. Be a warrior of enthusiasm.

Counting on Your Additions

How do you “C’s the Day”? What other c-words would you include in this list? Convince and convert, charm, courage, chocolate chip cookies? Caliente!


  1. I LOVE it, Krista! Perfectionism can be such a drag. I’m grateful for your reminder that we don’t always have to be perfect: “On the contrary, it means being brave about constantly getting better together… which also means embracing the concept of failing forward together quickly.”

    The c-word I would add to the list is COFFEE! “C’s the Day,” my friend!

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