Inbound Marketing Content: How to Get Buy-In

inbound marketing content buy-inBEFORE inbound marketing buy-in: 1 person contributing content

AFTER inbound marketing buy-in: 50+ people contributing content

That’s 50 content generating superheroes all from one small business… from Sales, Admin, Engineering and even Accounting! And would you believe it if I told you that content and inbound marketing has been embedded in that company culture forever?

Now I’m here to guide you through making the same thing happen with your company.

What are we waiting for? Let’s get this party started!

How Do You Get Buy-In?

A few weeks ago I shared a bit more detail about this company’s social business transformation and at the end solicited questions from readers. My fellow warriors of enthusiasm totally stepped up to the plate and delivered big! The question of how to get buy-in from the team and go “all in” was #1 so here we go…

How did you convince the traditional outbound marketers in your organization to go all in with inbound? ~Kristine Rice


Speak to the truths your team already knows as fact, then use those truths to point to inbound marketing content as the answer.

In case you didn’t catch it, that’s a two step assignment for you:

  1. Identify the truths your team members already accept as fact.
  2. Can you use those truths to point to inbound marketing content as the best strategy going forward?

As an example, here were some of the truths that I knew would resonate with our team: 

  • Sales were down
  • Emails were not getting the responses they once were
  • Trade show attendance was down at every industry meeting
  • Buyers were harder to get a hold of
  • We needed to cut significant costs…
  • But we also need to grow our business

So What’s The Plan?

Laying out those truths above may sound a little bleak but it was a true call-to-action.

Were we going to accept these as excuses? Or were we going to boldly face the facts and figure out a new strategy for growth? Could we possibly even use these truths to our advantage? Heck, YES we could!

All-in… inbound marketing… great content… and utilizing the gifts of all our team members.

Is Inbound Marketing Content the Answer?

The goal was to grow. The question was how? My aim was to make inbound marketing content the most obvious strategy for all to embrace (and the most exciting one as well). So the leadership team kicked around the following questions.

How do we get in touch with prospects that are in buying mode?

Our inbound marketing content will proactively answer the questions customers are asking when they start their online search.

How do we earn a seat at the table when customers are looking to buy?

Our inbound marketing content will be a continual source of helpful information. Our aim is to assist them in being more successful buyers. We will “wow” them with information to build trust and credibility.

How do we differentiate ourselves from the competition?

Our inbound marketing content will reveal our people, our expertise, our capabilities, our values. Our content won’t be about telling people we’re awesome… our content will prove it.

How do we better utilize the time, gifts and talents of everyone in the company to grow the business and make a bigger impact?

Business as usual wasn’t cutting it. It was time to get busy growing.

Going “All In”

So not only was inbound marketing content the answer for us, going “all in” with the entire team participating was our ambitious strategy because we trusted two things:

  1. Our team of people is our greatest strength
  2. Web traffic was our best opportunity for immediate and long term growth

Did you catch that? We matched our greatest strength with our greatest opportunity. It just happened to be inbound marketing content.

So my advice to YOU in convincing your team to go all in with inbound marketing?

If it is truly the best solution for your business than speak with conviction. Speak to the truths your team already knows. Inspire them with the possibilities. Make it an epic call-to-action.

Then be ready with a plan to make it safe, easy and fun too. If you need some help with that, here’s a related article about making “all in” content marketing your new business culture.

So What’s YOUR Plan?

 Is inbound marketing content the best answer for every business? Good heavens, no. But every business must have a plan for growth. So if nothing else, my hope is that as you head into the new year this helps spark some inspiration for growing your business. The best solutions come from aligning your greatest strengths with your greatest opportunities. If you happen to discover that is inbound content marketing and inspiring a team of gifted individuals to accomplish something that matters, then please stick around. Let’s make it happen!


  1. Amen! haha. Inbound Marketing is all about utilizing content to attract potential customers and make those customers recognize you as a knowledgeable resource when it comes to the products and services you offer.

  2. Hi Krist – thanks for the post! Content marketing is about educating your audience through your content to the extent they recognise the need for your product or service and end up being a customer. To do this effectively you need to offer something to them of real value so they keep coming back for more and eventually become a customer and repeat customer. Imbound marketing has overtaken is SEO as it focuses on the audience not the search engine!

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