Inbound Marketing Culture and Brand Leadership: Let’s Make It Happen

seth godin quote

Seth Godin said it best, “The future of marketing is leadership.”

And speaking of Seth, marketing and leadership… Seth is keynoting at INBOUND in Boston later this month. He one of the main reasons I am going and why I also invited two company Presidents to join me at the conference. Because Seth is right. The future of marketing is leadership.

This is precisely why I want these two Presidents to be at Inbound. I want them to hear about the future of marketing from GOD(in) himself. And I want them to see that growing their brands starts with them. The same thing goes for you too!

Because (this is important)…

  • Your brand is bigger than marketing.
  • The future of building a great brand is a strong leadership culture.
  • The future of YOUR brand relies on your ability to make that happen.

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The reality is, everyone in your organization is marketing now. Everyone makes an impact on how your brand is perceived. Are you the type of leader that is embracing that reality and using it as an advantage?

Now is the time to get on it. What can you do to inspire marketing leadership in every individual in your organization?

This personal mission is why I’m bringing company leadership with me to #INBOUND13:

Culture. Leadership. Mission. Branding Responsibly.

Can you imagine an organization where every individual took responsibility for:

  • Solving problems
  • Improving processes
  • Innovating the future
  • Making an impact
  • Living out brand values
  • Contributing to a single mission
  • Authentically connecting
  • Inspiring trust
  • Elevating others
  • and revealing all of the above by the content they create and share

Organizations that embrace a culture of empowering individuals and challenging everyone to be better leaders will not only grow their brands, they will lead entire industries.

It all starts with individuals leading an organizational culture with a clear mission and great expectations. It starts with you.

I have shared a couple of ideas here before about how to accomplish this and I’m REALLY looking forward to new inspirational gems at #Inbound13. A speaker line-up like this is sure to help us all take it to the next level:

And I’m bringing people with me because it’s going to take a team of leaders. Taking great ideas further. Rethinking how we grow our brands. Strengthening our cultures. Inspiring better business. Raising the bar in our industries. Making a difference in our communities. Iron sharpening iron. Are you with me? And who else do we need to invite? It’s going to take a village… a whole team of inspired superheroes… So let’s do this. Culture. Leadership. Mission. Branding Responsibly (and by “responsibly” I mean “courageously”).

Are you in(bound)?


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