The New Sales Strategy: Content Marketing

New Sales Strategy is Inspiring Trust with Content MarketingInstead of coming right out and saying that the new sales strategy is content marketing, I’m actually going to say that the new sales strategy is:

  • being present where and when buyers are in buying mode
  • helping educating buyers how to make the best decisions about their purchases
  • being a likable resource of expertise, credibility and inspiration
  • delighting people with so much value and a great experience that they tell others about you

It just so happens that a great way to accomplish all of the above is building trust via content marketing.

Before you role your eyes and bounce, allow me to ask you this one question – How do you get people to trust you? Not you the sales person… I’m talking about you the human, dad, mom, son, daughter, friend, person-researching-new-sales-strategies. Just you and me, person-to-person, how do you get me to trust you?

New Sales Strategy is Relationship Building via Content Marketing

It’s About Inspiring Trust

“The one thing all successful sales people do well… build trusting relationships.” ~@ValaAfshar

Think first about those closest to you. What makes them trust you?

Is it because they KNOW you: your competencies, your heart, that you take their well being into consideration and want what’s best for them? Is it because they’ve seen you in action consistently over time making great decisions, being present and helping others? Most likely.

Now let’s think about trust in the context of conducting business with people who don’t know all those wonderful things about you. How do you earn the trust of prospects? If you’re relying on getting them on the phone or a face-to-face interaction to earn their trust… well, let’s just say that I’m not surprised you’re researching “new sales strategy” and have arrived here.

The New Sales Strategy is Earning Trust via Content Marketing

Basically, you need the online version of you to earn trust. How great would it be if prospects researching your product kept finding all of the most interesting and helpful articles with your name on it? How great would it be if it were your face and voice appearing on the video they discovered on YouTube comparing your product versus the competitors? How great if it were one of your happy customers in a case study talking about all the ways you and your product made their life 100x better. These are just a few of the possibilities when you make content marketing your new sales strategy.

Let me be clear… I’m not talking about content marketing that is about you. I’m talking about content marketing that is all about you serving the customer. Helping peopleServant selling.

A great way to do that effectively is content marketing and building a digital presence that allows you to serve others and earn the trust of buyers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Great Content Marketing is About Servant Selling

Dear Salesperson, it is time to get yourself a better platform and earn more trust via content marketing. How do you do it?

You digitally capture your response to every customer question. It could be in a blog post and/or video (or both!).

When you do this consistently over time you’ll find that more and more people are finding you online. And not just anybody… most important, people who are BUYING are finding you. They are also finding you to be a helpful resource. They get to see you demonstrate your expertise and see that you help people solve problems. And when they’re ready to move forward, they’ll likely have more questions which they’ll ask for your help with (because you’ve already established that you are good at answering questions and have a heart for helping your customers).

Another benefit of doing this consistently over time, you’ll get more comfortable with being more “yourself” online. You’ll find better ways to be more “human” digitally and buyers will appreciate your consistent presence that allows them to self-educate at their own pace and feel like they are getting to know a real person who is willing to be authentically helpful. Let them see from your digital footprint that you are about more than a transaction. You are on a mission to serve.

How to Earn Trust With Your Online Content

Are you excited to get started? You should be! Because this is your way of accomplishing more with less and making a bigger difference. As you take your first stab at brainstorming content ideas and turning every customer question into a blog post, reference these to keep your focus on earning trust with your content:

  • Be helpful
  • Be easy to find
  • Be yourself
  • Be competent
  • Be transparent
  • Be hopeful
  • Be proactive
  • Be consistent
  • Be relational
  • Be a good listener
  • Be on a mission
  • Be the one others happily promote and point to for answers

The Goal of the New Sales Strategy

For clarity’s sake, the goal is more than just a sale. We’re here to serve buyers, collaborate and ultimately inspire “brand advocates” and “brand evangelists” that share our values and mission. Call it what you will, bottom line, we’re here to accomplish more than just a sale. We’re here to make a difference.


  1. KK –

    Love it. Love the knotting up of sales and marketing. The pair that’s often been linked together in the classroom and yet never seen together at the water cooler.

    Love the list! If sales people spent twice the time (1) building trust and (2) bringing “other’s focused value”, they’d spend half as much time negotiating price and having to throw in extras to “win” the deal.

    Peace from Michigan,



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