Why Video Content Marketing is the Next Big Thing

video content marketing strategyTwo years ago a small B2B launched an “all in” content marketing culture. While most people familiar with Block Imaging’s story are aware that they have been a content machine, blogging in a unique B2B niche, most might not be aware that they also decided to fall in love with video. Why? Because they knew video content marketing would be the next big thing to differentiate their brand.

The benefits of video content marketing were too significant to ignore:

  • SEO
  • additional links in Google searches
  • another platform for users to find us a resource
  • more helpful for visual learners
  • a more human and authentic way to connect

Other companies aspiring to lead a content marketing culture are now taking notice. After receiving a great list of video content marketing questions from a CMO/CCO, I decided to use it as inspiration for sharing the answers here. So here you go…

5 Video Content Marketing Questions Answered

1. Are all of your blog videos scripted? For quality control it seems like they should be but they also look natural enough to make it hard to tell.

Some are scripted and some are not. We sometimes use existing blogs as scripts. For the team members that prefer the script, a laptop is used as a “teleprompter”. For those who don’t like being scripted, we have a marker board for jotting down a few bullet points so that they can keep their message on point.

2. Did you shoot these videos internally or did you contract with a videographer?

Everything is shot internally.  At first it was just iphone footage but then we realized the opportunity that video brought and decided to invest a little more. We now have a videographer in-house who edits all of the footage together and story-lines bigger projects (like the facility tour video and the Why Block Imaging video).

We even setup a video room to keep production consistent. Here’s how our videographer, Lauren, invited anyone in the company to start creating video content on their own:

The comments at 2:05 are my favorite

3. Roughly how many videos do you have on your blog?

So far, we have 200+ videos posted to the BlockImaging Youtube channel. Some get embedded in blog posts and/or added to product pages.

There are many other videos that we keep “unlisted” because they are personal messages for an individual. The team has found these personalized video messages make a significant impression to “connect” with people from afar and allows the recipient to watch at their own convenience. Here is an example of one of these personalized videos: Meeting follow-up for John and Linda.

personalized content marketing video example

A personalized video isn’t about clicks. It’s about connection.

We also video record internal training meetings and keep these as “unlisted” so that they can be shared with future employees as part of their onboarding.

4. I like the Company Tour video… seems like that would have taken a lot of planning to pull off?

Thank you! It did take a LOT of planning to write the script, capture footage throughout the facilities, plus employee interviews and voice overs. Our videographer, Lauren, did all the planning with the help of our content officer, Jordan. A lot of the footage has been repurposed for other video projects like the newest big one, Why Block Imaging.

When you have a team that is inspired to be creative and have fun with it, you also might end up with a video like this silent film.

 5. Do you have an in-house web designer or do you outsource?

We do not have a web designer in-house. Clearly. Our web design looks a bit cluttered. :) It’s on my wish list of things I’d love to overhaul in 2014. That being said, sometimes I kind of love being proof that people don’t care as much about your look as long as you are giving them serious VALUE in your content.

Additional Video Content Marketing Resources

I’ll leave you with my closing thought on video. Yes, it is good for SEO but there is another reason why the team has embraced video with enthusiasm. We’ve been working hard to build a valuable blog for two years now. Industry competitors are now copying our content. What they cannot steal and copy are our PEOPLE. So pictures and video are the new ways help us stand out as the more authentic leaders in the industry.

 Are you using video to more authentically connect? Please share your example in a comment below!


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  2. Video content marketing is a new way of capturing your targeted audience. As we all know, people are more on visual and will believe when they saw it with their own eye. It is a new way of communicating with your audience by showing it through the use a short film or a skit.

  3. 2015 is absolutely the year of Video Marketing and thanks for your strategy. I see it very useful. Bookmarked

  4. I totally agree with you that video marketing is gaining shape day in day out and soon enough it will have made most of the other content obsolete. We have been doing a lot of testing on many business blogs and what we have realized is that there is a constant increase in traffic which seems to be more quality and tends to convert more than the traditional written content. There is much to do yet when it comes to strategizing and I must say that I really love the approaches that you have mentioned here. Tanks for the share.


  5. Video marketing is here to stay! Just look at the web… video is rapidly becoming the must-have element on any website. We’re consuming more videos and gifs than articles these days and that is a trend that will only continue to balloon moving forward. Having a good strategy is incredibly important. It looks like you guys are absolutely on top of that.

  6. Wow, I really appreciate your video marketing content, all the steps now on my checklist. Thank you so much for the tutorials!


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