Why You Should Not Believe in Content Marketing

You Should Believe in People

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My all-time favorite content marketing speaker, Marcus Sheridan spoke today at Content Marketing World about “Distilling the Magic and Mystery that is Content Marketing Success“. Although I wasn’t there to hear him in action, you better believe I checked out the twitter stream and the two points I absolutely LOVED seeing referenced many times over from his keynote were:

  1. Content marketing isn’t about tools; it’s about culture
  2. Your story has to start with why.

Start With Why

If you haven’t seen Simon Sinek’s TED Talk addressing this topic of WHY… well, you simply must. It is the secret sauce of  “How Great Leaders Inspire Action”.

You need to understand WHY you need to answer your own WHY so that you can tell others WHY and inspire their WHY. Got it? :-)

Now seriously, the power of understanding WHY you do what you do with clarity transforms you and your capabilities into a force to be reckoned with.

Simon gives several awesome examples in his talk. You don’t want to miss those.

Believing in Your Why

Ultimately, when you know and believe in the answer to your WHY, all of sudden what you do everyday isn’t a just job anymore… it’s a mission.

Here is the story about my journey to discovering why.

When your answer to WHY is serving a purpose bigger than self, you can’t help but lead and inspire others to join you in your passion (warrior of enthusiasm stuff!). You’ll inspire your teammates and you’ll inspire your customers as well. They become advocates. And business will be more than a transaction… it will be an experience… it will be a relationship… it will be a cause.

hire people who believe what you believe

So what’s all this got to do with content marketing and social business transformation?

It’s not about believing in content marketing, people. It’s about believing in people.

In order to inspire a culture of content marketing and truly empower those around you to make social business transformation a reality, you have to truly believe:

…in your team’s ability to achieve something great

…in your team’s ability to answer questions and teach

…in equipping people on your team to have a bigger platform

…in giving your customers a voice

…in your team’s ability to change the game for an entire industry

…in taking the time to identify and nurture individuals’ strengths

…in teaching your team to be better listeners, storytellers, educators and customer advocates

…in your team’s ability to grow and strive towards an ambitious goal

…in adapting as you go >> learn from one another, test, analyze, improve

…in long term commitment and payoff

…in being a more human brand with a distinct personality (P2P)

Better yet, you GET to believe in achieving something remarkable like growing your business despite a down economy, in raising the bar and serving your customers better than anyone else in your industry because you will proactively answer their questions better, empower them to be more educated buyers and help them be successful at their own jobs.

You get to believe in your own ability to take your team on an  amazing journey of discovery, growth, leadership and extraordinary results.

So, are you a believer?

i believe in what you are capable of becomingBecause I believe in what you are capable of becoming. I believe in more than content marketing. I believe in you.


  1. I’m a believer too, Krista! People really do make all of the difference in content marketing, just as they do for any modern-day business. Without us, the people, our brands would have no voices and certainly no personalities. :)

    • kristakotrla says:

      Well stated, Jill! You are SO RIGHT about the power of brands letting their people have a voice and show their personalities. Those elements make companies SO much more likable and memorable for sure! Without them, it is just a transaction. But WITH those ingredients, there is the possibility of real relationship, trust and advocacy.


      • So true. I connected with one brand’s Twitter manager so much that she and I are now close friends offline as well! I wouldn’t trade those kinds of connections for the world. :)

  2. The one point that is so important, in teaching your team to be better listeners, storytellers, educators and customer advocates. It is hard for employees to understand but that relationship and customers is who really pays your paycheck. The customer is not always right but listening to what they have to say you can always come to terms. In life there will be problems, but at the end of the day it is how you handle the problems. It is important to build relationships that are built on trust. It is a win win situation

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