Youtility 2.0: A Powerful Example Of Useful Marketing

Do you need a powerful, real life example of Youtility 2.0 that helps you envision the future of marketing for your business? Boy, do I have a story for you! Wait, you don’t know what Youtility is? I’m so glad I get to tell you!

“Instead of marketing that’s needed by companies, Youtility is marketing that’s wanted by customers” ~@JayBaer

Youtility is my friend Jay Baer’s latest book. I call him my friend because we met once standing over a platter of bacon at Social Slam. Me + Jay Baer + bacon = friends forever, right? 

Jay Baer is Mr. Youtility

Me with Jay Baer, aka Mr. Youtility!

Youtility is HELP not HYPE

Jay equates Youtility to smart marketing that is about HELP not HYPE.

Let’s face it, the world is changing fast. And what it takes for your business to adapt and be successful is a new mindset of Youtility.

When you read the book, you’ll see research about the modern day consumer that supports why Youtility works in today’s market. Jay also shares examples of 20+ businesses demonstrating Youtility and, of course, details out blueprints to help you begin transforming your own business towards better Youtility. You mean there is Youtility in Youtility? Get out.Youtility book

Quotable Nuggets from Youtility

“What if instead of trying to be amazing you just focused on being useful?”

“If you’re interesting and useful and helpful, your customers and prospects will do more of your marketing for you…”

“Today, every employee is in marketing.”

“By making helpful marketing a never-ending part of your company’s cultural DNA, you enable greatness to emerge whenever and however it can.”

“It’s not just ‘content,’ it’s a commitment.”

Couldn’t. Agree. More.

How many companies can you think of that are a Youtility in your life? I have my favorites like Marcus Sheridan, HubSpot, Block Imaging, emealsAnd then… I heard the coolest story EVER of a company being so surprisingly useful it is Youtility 2.0 amazing.

Powerful Example of Youtility 2.0 

It was anything but a normal day for Fred Campos. He and his wife were about host their first bible study in their home in Texas which meant 5-10 families were about descend upon their residence with what could total up to 15 or more very young children. It had not dawned on Fred that getting a babysitter was necessary… or even his responsibility… until only a few short hours before people were to arrive. Being new to Twitter, and in a moment of total frustration, Fred pulled out his mobile phone and vented on twitter, “We do not have a babysitter.” Moments later, the phone rang.

Now for the Rest of the Story

At the same time that Fred tweeted, “We do not have a babysitter,” the owner of was sitting on a tarmac in California because of a flight delay, and with laptop open, saw Fred’s tweet. Notice, Fred did not tweet to Fred was not even following or being followed by Fred had never heard of But he used the word “babysitter” in his tweet and since Fred had his phone number in his Twitter bio, the owner actually called him on the phone. Here is the gist of that phone conversation:

“Hi Fred, I saw your tweet and happen to own a babysitting company. If you go to right now and pay $39.95 you can do background checks on eight babysitters that are available. We can have a babysitter at your house by 4:30 today.”

Guess what? Fred went to the website. Fred paid $39.95. And Fred hired a babysitter. Two years later, Fred and his family still use that same babysitter and Fred continues to tell the amazing story of Youtility provided by

Bonus: Fred is a professional keynote speaker so he gets to tell this story a LOT. Congratulations,… you are #winning.

How Do You Youtilit-ize Your Business?

First, you read Jay’s book so you can better understand the why and the how from all the great examples. There are literally 6 chapters dedicated to blueprints for creating Youtility (chapter 10 is my favorite). Then you have to imagine what the future of your organization could like if you focused intensely on being useful all the time and highly engaging at just the right moments. That would be Youtility 2.0: useful and amazing.

So going forward, your business will simply market being amazingly helpful, right? Sounds simple… or is it?

The Real Challenge of Youtility 2.0

The real challenge for many businesses is that Youtility 2.0 is more than a marketing message… “It’s a mindset” says Marcus Sheridan (author of the forward to Youtility). Youtility has to be your organizational culture. This can be a HUGE opportunity for brands that already embrace an authentic culture of servant leadership. The reality is Youtility 2.0 reaches beyond the boundaries of marketing messages. Youtility 2.0 is when your marketing is actually a transparent and genuine representation of your existing organizational culture. Youtility 2.0 is everyone in your organization living the “help not hype” brand and delivering on the integrity of your marketing messages. Youtility 2.0 also includes amazed customers that willingly amplify the brand too.

Seems like a daunting feat, right? Not for a warrior of enthusiasm like yourself. Because you know that every great company “on fire” starts with a spark. Be the spark.

Change starts with you. You ready?

How To Win a FREE Copy of Youtility

Marcus Sheridan wrote a candid article, Why “Useful” Beats “Amazing” Any Day of the Week in Marketing. You should check it out because he’s going to award a copy of the book, Youtility, to 5 people who share the best examples of businesses using “Youtility” in their marketing. So if you’ve got a cool example, get on over to TheSalesLion, share your example in the comments and win yourself a free book!

You also have an opportunity to win a copy of the book by leaving a comment here too! I am less interested in how your company is being a Youtility… I’m MORE interested to hear how YOU are being a Youtility in your organization. Because that’s where the magic starts. You leading change. You demonstrating Youtility. How are you living it out? Or how are you going to start? Most helpful idea wins… YOUseful in action. ;-)


  1. Thank you so much for the very kind words. It’s amazing how many people I’ve met through bacon. Now THAT’S a Youtility!

    • kristakotrla says:

      It’s true, Jay. Bacon bits are like the fairy dust of the food community. You don’t like salad?… Bippity, Boppity, BACON! (credit: Jim Gaffigan

      Seriously though, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! The good news is you’re officially in the running to win a free copy of your own book. :-)


  2. Nice post, the book sound interesting! Could it be awailable also in italian someday? If not… the chance to win a copy is already ended? ;)

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